Preprints and Presentations

A Comprehensive Bayesian Treatment of the Universal Kriging model with Matérn correlation kernels, preprint.

Gibbs Reference Posterior for Robust Gaussian Emulation, preprint.

Gibbs Reference Posterior distribution for Kriging parameters, a presentation at the AppliBUGS conference on June 13th 2017.


Diagnostics de validation pour le krigeage, a French-language paper about validation of Kriging parameters I wrote during my work experience at EDF R&D in 2015.

La triangulation idéale du complémentaire du nœud de huit : topologie et géométrie, a French-language paper about the complementary of the figure-eight knot I wrote as an undergraduate student at the Université de Strasbourg in 2013 under the supervision of Prof. Francesco Costantino.